School of Information Management & Systems
Infosys 290-1: Designing Library Services.   Buckland. Spr 1999.

Design Project - Due before the end of semester.

The assignment is to develop recommendations, as needed, for a new or changed library service, including with Mission statement, with goals; Collection development policy; Staffing; Organization chart and position descriptions; Space plan; Technical services plan; Governance; Relationships with other parties; Transition plan; Budget; ... etc., as needed.

These will be developed and refined as we cover these topics during the semester. Drafts of each part will be required as we progress. The final recommendations, prepared as if for a campus administrator or administrative committee, will be required. Time will be set aside for class discussion of the recommendations at the end of the semester.

Suggested structure:   1. Charge to you.
2. Assumptions that you are making about the situation.
3. What you are trying to achieve: Mission, Goals, Objectives.
4. Recommendations.   4.1. Overview of recommended course of action. 4.2. Organizational structure. 4.3. Personnel requirements. 4.4. Space requirements. 4.5. Other requirements: Location; Computing; Cooperation. 4.6. Next steps: Implementation plan: Sequence; Critical Path; Who is responsible? 4.7. Summary of resources.
5. Alternatives considered and not recommended.
6. Selective, selectively annotated bibliography.

List of past students' topics: 1993:
Lowie Library of Twentieth Century Photographs.
Center for Experimental Poetics.
Library Service for Gay and Lesbian Studies.
Access to Electronic Journals.
Public Access to Internet Services Group.
Planning for Expanded Library Access for UC Berkeley Students and Faculty who have Visual or Physical Disabilities.
Document delivery group.

List of past students' topics: 1992:
Boalt Hall Law Library Computer Center.
Prototype Image database for art and architecture library.
Undergraduate Library Reorganization.
Electronic reference service.
Library support for the American Cultures requirement.
University archives image database project.
Establishment of the archives of Western College.
Blackwood interactive Museum of Anthropology project.
Proposed media center for Scholastica University Library.
An enhanced library instruction program.
A fee-based research and delivery service with the viticulture and enology collection.