School of Information Management & Systems   Spring 1999.   Michael Buckland.
290-1 Design of Library Services.
Program - Expect changes!

Jan 22: Introduction. Paper libraries, automated libraries, and digital libraries. The Liberal Arts of Librarianship: Or, What is interesting in this field for non-librarians and what is it important for non-librarians to talk about? Accreditation. Expectations. The rest of the semester.

2. Jan 29: How libraries function in one easy lesson: Documents, collections, arrangement, bibliographic access, technical services, logistics.
Library-related technology: Printing. (Video).
How to find out about libraries and librarianship: Sources.

3. Feb 5: The history, mission, and political economy of public libraries.
UC's 20 million rotting books. (Video).
The bibliographic universe: Forms, formats. Genres.

4. Feb 12: Gender, efficiency, and librarians.
Special libraries: Specialized, corporate libraries, corporate knowledge management.

5. Feb 19: Melvil Dewey, Paul Otlet, etc. :Modernism, machinery, and library economy versus liberty.
Library services for children and young adults.

6. Feb 26: Collections: Selecting, censorship, banning, and Internet filters.
National & State Libraries.

7. Mar 5: Rhetoric, language and libraries: Why libraries always have an attitude.
Library buildings. (Video.)

8. Mar 12: Document, text and hypertext.
Library technology: The secret history of the first workstation.

9. Mar 19: Digital libraries for dummies.
Library goodness: Mission, Objectives, Goals, efficiency, effectiveness, outputs, etc.
- Mar 26: - Spring break -

10. Apr 2: Numbers: Library budgets and library statistics.
Problems and opportunities of academic libraries.

11. Apr 9: Social aspects of bibliographic description.

12. Apr 16: Library technology: Infrastructure.

13. Apr 23: Technological change and the library of the future.
Library-related careers.

14. Apr 30: Intellectual property: A contradiction in terms?

15. May 7, last class: