School of Information Management & Systems
  Previously School of Library & Information Studies

  Infosys 290: 1: Indexing and vocabulary.   Spring 1998.
  1-3 credits.   CCN#42721.   Fridays 9-11 a.m.   South Hall 107.
  Instructor: Michael Buckland.   203A South Hall.   (510) 642 3159.

Indexing and, more broadly, all categorizing are concerned with naming and/or describing. It is, therefore, a kind language activity and the terms and codes used can be considered a form of vocabulary. Infosys 290, sect 1, will examine indexing and categorization with an emphasis on language aspects. It will be a reading and discussion group for students interested in the Organization of Information, in bibliographic description, and, more generally, in language aspects of Information Management. The readings will depend on the interests of those who participate.   Schedule.
Registration on Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory basis recommended.