Project Development Concepts

Electronic Publishing

Project Development Concepts

Rapid Evolutionary Development

Development Models

Traditional Waterfall Model

An Iterative Model

System Construction Model

System Construction

Famous 80/20 Rule

Rapid Prototyping

Life Cycle of Lifecyles

Life Cycle of Lifecyles

Key Points

Conceptual Phases

Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want?

Provoking a Reaction

Prototyping Leads to Better Communication

Prototyping is experiment and exploration

Working Prototypes

Many Generations

Innovation and Prototyping

Ask and Listen

Do One Thing Well

Start Small

Trust Your Own Insights


Get Specific


Cathedral and the Bazaar

Characteristics of Free Software projects

Developing A Community of Builders

Modular Design

Include Users Early

“The Plausible Promise”

Our 3 V's




Starting a Project