School of Information Management & Systems. Spring 2004.
285: Design of Library Services.   M. Buckland.

Past Topics for Study Guide / Design Study Assignment.
Incomplete list.
SPRING 2003: Designing a Digital Library for People with Disabilities.
Providing Library Services to Recent Russian Immigrants.
SPRING 2002: Designing a Small Church Library.
Integrated Library Automation Systems.
SPRING 2001: The Law Firm Library.
Online Digital Data Libraries.
SPRING 2000: Visual Artwork on Library and Archive Websites.
Digital Music for Music Professors.
Care, Handling, Preservation of Moving Image Materials.
Brief for Architects Designing of a Building Extension for a Church Library.
Guide to Ontologies.
Designing a Digital Corporate Library.
Intranet as Part of a Special Library Service.
Intranet for a Specialized Law Firm.
Library Support for a 24 hour Crisis Line.
Computers in Elementary Education and School Libraries.

263 -- SPRING 1993: Lowie Library of Twentieth Century Photographs.
Center for Experimental Poetics.
Library Service for Gay and Lesbian Studies.
Access to Electronic Journals.
Public Access to Internet Services Group.
Planning for Expanded Library Access for UC Berkeley Students and Faculty who have Visual or Physical Disabilities.
Document Delivery Group.

263 -- SPRING 1992: Boalt Hall Law Library Computer Center.
Prototype Image Database for Art and Architecture Library.
Undergraduate Library Reorganization.
Electronic Reference Service.
Library Support for the American Cultures Requirement.
University Archives Image Database Project.
Establishment of the Archives of Western College.
Blackwood Interactive Museum of Anthropology Project.
Proposed Media Center for Scholastica University Library.
An Enhanced Library Instruction Program.
A Fee-based Research and Delivery Service with the Viticulture and Enology Collection.

263 -- SPRING 1988: Proposals for Reorganizing and Expanding the Tranquility Medical Center Hospital Library.
Plan to Improve Access to Computer Software and Databases, Fictional State University Main Memorial Library.
Sierra Vista College Library.
A Corporate Information Service in an Academic Library.
Women's Resource Center.
Principia State University Music Library.
Collection Control at a Paleontology Museum.
Library Services...[for] Middle East Studies at San Jose State University.
Image-text Database for Museum of Fine Arts, University of Somewhere.
Susan Smith Memorial Law Library.
Library Collection for a "Third World College."
Library Service for a Research Institute.
A Plan for Library Reorganization: (De-)centralization of branches.
Planning and Organizing for Library Services for Off-campus Programs.
Proposals for a New Community College Library.