School of Information Management & Systems.   Spring 2004.
285  Design of Library Services.   Buckland.

Assignment 13:   Interview a Librarian. Due Apr 30.

Interview a professional librarian.

Find out about that individual's values, motivation, priorities, and sense of the technical, political, social, and economic issues being faced. Ask what advice he or she would give to someone contemplating becoming a librarian. Feel free to add your own comments to your account of the interview.

It makes sense to talk to some person who would be a useful source of information for the type of library you think you might want to work in and/or relevant to your Study Guide / Design Study, but that is not a requirement.

Send an e-mail note with two paragraphs -- one about the person you talked with and the other a brief summary of what you learned -- to the rest of the class at   Also a written summary (approx. 2 pages single-spaced) to me.