School of Information Management & Systems. Spring 2004.
285   Design of Library Services   M. Buckland.

Assignment 7:   Libraries in the USA.   Due Mar 5 or Mar 12.

1. Libraries in the USA: The principal introductory textbook on library services in the USA is Rubin, Richard. Foundations of Library and Information Science. GRADUATE SERVICES TWO HOUR RESERVE Z665.2.U6.R83 2000. (Or earlier version 1998 will do.) A rather discoursive account of contemporary library issues with some emphasis on policy issues.

2. Scan the entire text slowly so that you know what is in it, then select and read at least one of the chapters. Pick whichever chapter(s) you think will be most useful for you.

3. Report: Let me have a brief note (on paper or by e-mail) explaining which chapter(s) you read, with any comments on them. Time will be made in class for you to tell the rest of us what you found.