School of Information Management & Systems. Spring 2004.
285   Design of Library Services. Michael Buckland.

Assignment 7:   Abstracting and Indexing Services - Draft.   Due Wed Mar ?12.

A regularly published list of newly published literature is known as an Indexing Service - and a good example is Library Literature. If a summary of each item is provided, it is called an Abstracting Service - and a good example is Library & Information Science Abstracts.

SIMS 245 has an elaborate assignment comparing and contrasting these two services, first the print versions, then the online versions.

1. Find and examine the 245 assignment at:

2. Instead of performing the assignment as written, go find the print versions and examine each.

3. Search on some topics of your own choice until you feel comfortable with using each.

4. Then try using both online.

5. Hand in a brief report (a page, maybe) summarizing what you looked for, what you found, and any comments on the characteristics of each and the difference between print and online searches.