School of Information Management & Systems   Spring 2000.   Michael Buckland.
285 Design of Library Services.   Michael Buckland.

This is the intended outline.   Do not expect it to be followed exactly.   See current schedule and 1999 schedule.
A steady flow of mostly small assignments, plus:
Jan 21: Introduction. Paper libraries, automated libraries, and digital libraries. The Liberal Arts of Librarianship: Or, What is interesting in this field for non-librarians and what is it important for non-librarians to talk about? Accreditation. Expectations. The rest of the semester.
Jan 28: How libraries function in one easy lesson: Documents, collections, arrangement, bibliographic access, technical services, logistics. Library-related technology: Printing. (Video). How to find out about libraries and librarianship: Sources.
Feb 4: The history, mission, and political economy of public libraries. UC's 20 million rotting books. (Video). The bibliographic universe: Forms, formats. Genres.
Feb 11: Gender, efficiency, and librarians. Special libraries: Specialized, corporate libraries, corporate knowledge management.
Feb 18: Melvil Dewey, Paul Otlet, etc.: Modernism, machinery, and library economy versus liberty. Library services for children and young adults.
Feb 25: Collections: Selecting, censorship, banning, and Internet filters. National & State Libraries.
Mar 3: Rhetoric, language and libraries: Why libraries always have an attitude. Library buildings. (Video.)
Mar 10: Document, text and hypertext. Library technology: The secret history of the first workstation.
Mar 17: Digital libraries for dummies. Library goodness: Mission, Objectives, Goals, efficiency, effectiveness, outputs, etc.
- Mar 24: - Spring break -
Mar 31: Numbers: Library budgets and library statistics. Problems and opportunities of academic libraries.
Apr 7: Social aspects of bibliographic description.
Apr 14: Library technology: Infrastructure.
Apr 21: Technological change and the library of the future. Library-related careers.
Apr 28: Intellectual property: A contradiction in terms?
May 5: Last class: Synthesis.