School of Information Management & Systems. Spring 2000.
285   Design of Library Services. Buckland.

Assignment 7:   Technical Readings.   Due Friday April 28.

1. Library Buildings : Four examples of documents relating to library buildings have been placed in the Computer Lab. They are the "Program Planning Guides" developed to justify State funding for a new UC Santa Cruz Science Library; the UC Davis Main ("Shields") Library Alteration and Expansion; the UC San Diego Central Library Addition; and the spiffy new San Francisco campus library.
Read at least one carefully for content and as an example of skillful persuasive presentation.

Optional, but recommended: Take a look at
Planning academic and research library buildings by Philip D. Leighton and David C. Weber. 3rd ed. Chicago : American Library Association, 1999, c2000.
MAIN, GRADUATE SERVICES 2 hour Reserve Z679.M491 2000

2. Library Management: The principal textbook on library management is:
Stueart, Robert D. & Barbara B. Moran. Library and Information Center Management. 5th ed. Libraries Unlimited.
For your convenience a copy of fourth edition is in the Computer Lab.
As with Rubin, scan the entire text so that you know what is in it, then select and read at least one of the chapters. Pick whichever chapter(s) you think will be most useful for you.

3. Report: Let me have a brief note (on paper or by e-mail) explaining which guide and which chapter(s) you read, with any comments on them.