Info 280: ICT for Development: Context, Strategies and Impacts

Time: Every Tuesday and Thursday @ 3:30pm - 5:00pm
Location: 110 South Hall

Prof. AnnaLee Saxenian,
Prof. Heather Horst,

Graduate Student Instructor:
Mahad Ibrahim,

I280 Grading

Your grade for I280 will be based on three principle components:

Theory Paper [25%]

Final Project or Paper - Deliverable (paper, software, artifact, etc.) [25%]
- Class Presentation of Findings [15%]

Class Participation [35%]
- Presentation of Readings (each student must do these at some point in the semester)
- Active participation in class and on the mailing list
- Completion of class activities (4 activities during the semester)

I280 Assignment descriptions

Theory Paper

Final Project or Paper

In-Class Activities

- Debate
- Design activity
- Cell Phone Interview
- Daily Budget