UC Berkeley School of Information

INFO 257: Database Management

Assignments & Workshops

Most of the assignments in this course will be related to your own database and exercises to familiarize you with the systems that we will be using. A second set of assignments will involve the use of an existing database to answer a set of queries, or to modify the database. The same database (called "Diveshop") will be used for the second set of assignments. We will discuss these assignments further in class. All assignments can be found HERE

There will be some workshop sessions (graded and ungraded) scheduled for this course. These sessions will help you become more familiar with code and infrastructure. Links to these workshops can found in the class schedule.

Assignment 1 (Individual)

Assignment 1

Due Feb 20th

Assignment 2a (Group)

Assignment 2a

Due Feb 19th

Assignment 2b (Group)

Assignment 2b

Due Mar 12th