IS250 Computer Based Communications Networks and Systems

Spring 2011

Tentative Schedule and Readings

Lecture slides will be available here at the beginning of lecture.

Week Date Day Topic Readings Notes
Week1 1/18 Tues Introduction
  1/20 Thur Network Design Principles
Comer 1-3 [skim Comer 4]; Clark88
Week2 1/25 Tues Network Architecture SRC84; CWSB02; abstracts of papers in Arch
  1/27 Thur Network Architecture; Economics of Networks
WN05 pp.1-30
Week3 2/1 Tues Economics of Networks

  2/3 Thur Foundations of Communication Comer 5-7

Week4 2/8 Tues Physical Layer
Comer 8-11 [skim 8.4-8.16, 9]
  2/10 Thur Data Link Layer Comer 12-13
A1 due
Week5 2/15 Tues Data Link Layer
Comer 14-16; skim 17-19

  2/17 Thur Network Competition
Varian01; Chuang10
Week6 2/22 Tues Network Competition
  2/24 Thur Network Layer
Comer 20, 21
A2 due
Week7 3/1 Tues Network Layer
Comer 22, 23.15-20; skim rest of Comer 23
  3/3 Thur Network Layer Comer 27  
Week8 3/8 Tues Future of IP Comer 24  
  3/10 Thur Transport Layer: Reliable Transport Comer 25-26 A3 due
Week9 3/15 Tues Transport Layer: Flow and Congestion Control
Proposal due
  3/17 Thur Midterm

Week10 3/22 Tues Spring Break    
  3/24 Thur Spring Break    
Week11 3/29 Tues Network Regulation and Innovation: Neutrality
SF09; Peha06
  3/31 Thur Application Layer Comer 28,29
Week12 4/5 Tues Application Layer  
  4/7 Thur Network Security
Comer 30
Week13 4/12 Tues Network Security Anderson01; abstracts of papers in Econ of Info Security

  4/14 Thur No class meeting

Week14 4/19 Tues No class meeting

  4/21 Thur Incentive-centered design
Week15 4/26 Tues Project presentations

  4/28 Thur Project presentations; Course Evaluation

Week17 5/10 Tues Final paper due
  Paper due