IS250 Computer Based Communications Networks and Systems

Spring 2010

Assignment 1

Assignment 1 is due at 2pm (before start of class) on Thursday 2/4. Please see grading policy on course homepage for additional details regarding early/late submissions.

Please submit your answers in plain text (no attachments) to i250hw@ischool.berkeley.edu.

1. Based on your reading of the two papers by Clark, what are the main strengths/successes of the ARPANET/Internet architecture? What are the main weaknesses? (One paragraph each.)

2. What are the differences between a natural monopoly, a regulated monopoly, and a public utility?

3. The Internet industry has often been compared to the airline industry. Discuss (in 1-2 sentences each) how the airline industry exhibits:

(a) strong economies of scale

(b) positive network effects

(c) negative network effects