IS250 Computer-Based Communications Systems and Networks


April 26


Exam 2 will be held 10:10-11:30am on May 8th. It will be an 80-minutes, in-class exam. You can use last year's exam (solutions) as a practice exercise. You should be able to answer all the questions except Question 3(a), on source-based versus shared multicast trees, which we didn't cover this year.

Students who signed up for options 2 and 3 of the course project have their project deliverables due on May 1.

March 13

Next week, March 20, the exam and lecture will be held in South Hall Room 205. The exam is open book, open notes. You can bring your calculator and computer, but you are not allowed to connect to the Internet.

Solutions to last year's exam is posted here.

March 6

Reminder: Exam 1 will be held in the first half of the March 20 class meeting, i.e., from 10:10am to 11:30am. It will be an 80-minutes, in-class exam. You can use last year's exam as a practice exercise. You should be able to answer all the questions except the first question on NRZI and Manchester encoding schemes, which we didn't cover this year.

February 27

The project presentation schedule has been posted. We will begin the project presentations on April 3, and run through April 24. We will devote the last 30 minutes of each class meeting to three presentations of 10 minutes each. Submission details will be posted soon.

January 26

1. Brad Andrews will be the tutor for this course. His office hour information and contact information are posted on the "Home" page.

2. Two new email aliases have been set up:

3. Starting this year, IS250 is no longer cross-listed in Haas or Engineering. Therefore the January 19 note regarding cross-listing is incorrect. All students should enrol in IS250, regardless of their home department. My apologies for any confusion caused.

January 23

For those of you who are still waiting for your textbooks to arrive, I have three copies of an older edition of the textbook available for lending, so that you can get started on the reading assignments for next week. I have already lent them out to three students. Send me mail if you want to get in touch with any of them.

January 19 2006

Welcome to IS250. Please check this page regularly for course announcements.

0. Use the top navigational buttons to access the schedule (with links to lecture slides and reading assignments), assignment details and other course-related information.

1. The first class meeting is scheduled for Monday January 23, 10am-1pm, in South Hall Room 202.

2. The required textbook for this course is: Douglas Comer, Computer Networks and Internets, 4th Edition. It is available from the campus bookstore.

3. Subscribe to the is250 mailing list by sending email to and include "subscribe is250" as the first line of your message. (You can leave the subject line blank.) If you are a SIMS student, you can also do so via my.sims. The mailing list will be used for dissemination of course-related announcements, as well as for unmoderated discussions on course-related topics.

4. IS250 is a MOT elective course. I received the following message last year regarding MOT requirements, and I assume it is still true this year. Please contact Susan if you have any questions.

From: Susan Reneau, Student Affairs Officer of the MOT (Management of Technology) program
Haas office (new): F477, 643-1398
Engineering office: 230 Bechtel, 642-8790
1) Students taking a class towards the MOT certificate, must take it for a grade, not pass/fail.
2) They must receive a B or above.
3) All students going for the MOT certificate should refer to the MOT website ( It has detailed information about the certificate and the classes.
Also, since this course is cross-listed in three schools (SIMS, Haas, Engineering), students should make sure that they are not registered using another college's CCN, even though Telebears will allow it. This can cause double registration and much hassle.