IS250 Computer Based Communications Networks and Systems

Fall 2007

Course Description: This course offers a multidisciplinary inquiry into the technology, business, economics, and public-policy of computer networks and distributed applications. We will cover the technical foundations of computer networks, including: Internet architecture, network technologies and protocols (e.g., 802.*, TCP/IP, HTTP), routing algorithms and policies, network applications (e.g., p2p overlays, VoIP), emerging network technologies, and network security. Tightly integrated will be coverage on the business, economics and policy of networking, including: economic characteristics of networks, network industry structure and ISP competition, wireless spectrum auction, network neutrality, and incentive-centered design of networks and applications.

Prerequisites: IS 206 or consent of instructor.

Weekly Meeting Schedule

  • Mondays and Wednesdays 10:30am - 12 noon in 202 South Hall
    Prof. John Chuang
    Office: 303A South Hall
    Phone: 510-642-7253
    Office hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 3-4pm

  • Required*: Douglas Comer, Computer Networks and Internets with Internet Applications, 4th Edition. Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0131433512 (*: Please come to the first class meeting when we will discuss the textbook requirement.)
  • Other readings to be assigned during the semester
Tentative Grading Criteria
  • Assignments 30%
  • Final Paper/Project 50% (including 10% for proposal)
  • Class Participation 20%
Course Communications Course Policies

Academic Integrity Policy

Discussion with instructors and classmates is allowed/encouraged, but each student must turn in individual, original work and cite appropriate sources where appropriate

Code of Student Conduct: http://students.berkeley.edu/sas/SJA/index.htm

Grading Policy

All assignments are due at 10:30am on the due date.
Assignments turned in 24 hours before the due date will receive 5% extra credit.
Assignments turned in *up to* 24 hours after the due date will be penalized 20%.
Any assignments turned in after 24 hours will receive no credit.

Cellphone and Wi-Fi Policy/Etiquette

Please remember to turn off or silence your phones (and other alarms) before each class meeting. We will subtract i points from your class participation score the i-th time your phone rings in class during the semester. No exceptions.

We request that you sit in the last row if you want to read news, reply to email, etc., using your wi-fi connection.