Homework #1 (Assigned 9/2/03, due 9/9/03)

Homework #2 (Assigned 9/11/03, due 9/23/03) Homework #2 Solutions

Homework #3 (Assigned 9/23/03, due 9/30/03) Homework #3 Solutions

Homework #4 (Assigned 9/30/03, due 10/7/03) Homework #4 Solutions

Homework #5 (Assigned 10/9/03, due 10/16/03)

Homework #6 (Assigned 10/28/03, due 11/6/03) Homework #6 Solutions

Homework #7 (Assigned 11/18/03, due 11/25/03) Homework #7 Solutions

All assignments should be submitted by email to is250_hmwk@sims (note underscore) by the due date/time. Homework should be sent in the body of a text message, or as a Word (.doc) or PDF attachment if you have tables and figures.  Paper submissions will not be accepted. You can discuss the homework material with your classmates, but you are required to make individual submissions.

Important notes:

Email subject heading: Please use the following subject heading scheme:
Subj: homework <number>

<number> = homework number from below

Email attachments: Please use the following file naming scheme:

<initials> = your initials

<number> = homework number from below

Late submissions: Late homework will be accepted up until 5pm Friday of the week it is due for 50% credit.