Dec 9 2003

The solutions for exam2 is posted here.

Dec 1 2003

The solutions for section 1 from last year's exam is posted here.

The project grades will be posted via individual emails after the final project presentation is completed tomorrow.

Nov 25 2003

1. I have now received responses from everyone in the class regarding the re-scheduling of exam 2. Thank you. Based on your responses, the exam will be rescheduled to Tuesday, December 9, 3:30-5pm, in South Hall 202. All the other options we considered were in conflict with some other class. I have just updated the schedule page to reflect this change.

Please let me know ASAP if you have any questions or concerns about this.

2. I have posted the exam from last year for your reference. I will use the same format this year: multiple choice questions in section 1 and short answer questions in section 2. Please take a look at the exam to familiarize yourself with the format, in particular that of section 1.

3.  Many students had a variety of problems with questions 2 and 3 of HW6, so I will spend some time on Dec 4 to go over them, and/or any other questions that you may have.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Oct 30 2003

The solutions and statistics for Exam 1 are posted.

Oct 21 2003

Project submission details:

You will need to submit your project report (in html) and presentation slides using the file submission utility at:

You will be prompted to enter your SIMS userid and password. You can upload multiple files in your personal directory, which will be:


where [username] is the corresponding user's username. Since we put this in the protected area, the same access control will apply to the upload area when viewed from the web (no username and password needed at SIMS; username and password needed from outside of SIMS).  Only you will have write permission for your own directory.  You will be able to add files and replace an old file by a new file.  You will be not able to remove a file from the directory, or to create any sub-directories.

A few notes to pay attention to:

- you MUST name your project report 'index.html'
- if you have any embedded images in your report, make sure that you upload them as well, and make sure that you point to thm using relative links, rather than absolute links, so that they will still work after you have uploaded them.
- you should upload your presentation slides to the same directory, and make sure to include a hyperlink to your presentation slides from the report itself.

You should try to access your own report from a browser to make sure that all the images display properly, and the report and presentation slides can be accessed from:

As a final step, once you've uploaded the files and tested their availability, you should send an email to '' to announce the availability of your report and slides.  You need to do this at least one full business day before your scheduled presentation time (Monday or Wednesday 3:30pm).

Reminder: everyone is expected to review the report and slides and come prepared with questions and comments the next day.

Oct 14 2003

Exam 1 will be held in class on Thursday, Oct 23. It will be an 80-minute exam, starting at 3:40pm and ending at 5:00pm. The exam will be open-book, open-notes, and you should bring a calculator. I am providing you with last year's exam and solutions to help you in your preparations.

Sep 30 2003

This week's office hour (Thursday, Oct 2, 1-2pm) is cancelled. Please email me if you need to make a meeting appointment.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to reschedule my office hours yet again. Starting next week (week of Oct 6), my new office hours will Tuesdays, 1-2pm. As always, you can set up an appointment by sending me email. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Sep 15 2003

I have corrected some errors in the schedule. In particular, please note that the date of Exam 1 is now Oct 23.

Sep 11 2003

I have established some classroom etiquette guidelines for IS250. Please read the etiquette page for details.

Starting next week (week of 9/15) my office hours will be moved from Wednesdays 2-3pm to Thursdays 1-2pm.

Aug 22 2003

Welcome to IS250. Please check this page regularly for course announcements.

Please note that the first class meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 2, 3:30pm, in South Hall Room 202.

Prior to the first class meeting, please do the following:

1. Read chapters 1-3 and 16 of the required textbook, Douglas Comer, Computer Networks and Internets, *** 3rd Edition. ***

2. Refresh your memory by reviewing the IS206 lecture materials on networking

3. Subscribe to the is250 mailing list by sending email to and include "subscribe is250" as the first line of your message. (You can leave the subject line blank.) If you are a SIMS student, you can also do so via my.sims.

4. Fill in the following brief survey and send it to ""
(a) Name:
(b) Preferred Email Address:
(c) School/Dept:
(d) Year (PhD, Masters, Senior, Junior):
(e) Taken IS206 or equivalent? (provide details of equivalent)
(f) Taken other networking course? (List school, number, name, year taken, textbook used, grade)
(g) Taken IS255 or equivalent? (provide details of equivalent)
(h) Programming experience (include languages, details of any courses taken)
(i) Why do you want/need to take this course? (SIMS elective, MOT elective, etc.)

Also, I received the following message last year regarding MOT requirements, and I assume it is still true this year. Please contact Susan if you have any questions.

From: Susan Reneau, Student Affairs Officer of the MOT (Management of Technology) program
Haas office (new): F477, 643-1398
Engineering office: 230 Bechtel, 642-8790
1) Students taking a class towards the MOT certificate, must take it for a grade, not pass/fail.
2) They must receive a B or above.
3) All students going for the MOT certificate should refer to the MOT website ( It has detailed information about the certificate and the classes.
Also, since this course is cross-listed in three schools (SIMS, Haas, Engineering), students should make sure that they are not registered using another college's CCN, even though Telebears will allow it. This can cause double registration and much hassle.