Nov 25

Exam 2 from last year and the solutions are posted. We will complete the security lecture and talk about socket programming (chapters 26 and 27) on Wednesday.

Nov 18

Please read the following two papers in preparation of Wednesday's guest lecture on pricing by Jimmy Shih:

Oct 26

The lecture topics for Oct 28 and 30 have been switched.  We will cover ICMP (Comer chapter 23) on Monday and IPv6 (chapter 22) on Wednesday.  Please read the appropriate chapters before class.  The ICMP lecture slides have been posted.  We will also cover Address Resolution (ARP) on Monday.

Oct 24

Based on our informal discussion in class yesterday, we have agreed to revise the project submission policy as follows: if your project presentation is scheduled for a Monday, you need to have your project report and presentation posted by 6pm Sunday evening; if your project presentation is scheduled for a Wednesday, you need to have your project report and presentation posted by 6pm Tuesday evening.  Please remember to send a brief email to "" to indicate the availability of your files.

Oct 23

The solutions for exam 1 is available now.  Exam statistics: mean = 41, median = 42, min = 32, max = 50.

Oct 21

The project presentation schedule has been revised.  Please check the  project presentation schedule for updates.

Oct 14

Reminder: project presentations begin this Wednesday, Oct 16.  We will devote the last 30 minutes of each class meeting for the presentations.  The presenters will be posting their report and slides online 24 hours before class.  Everyone is expected to review the material before class and come prepared with questions.

John's office hours this Wednesday (Oct 16) will be cancelled.  Please send me email if you would like to schedule an appointment.

Oct 9

Here are the solutions to previous year's exam 1.

Oct 7

The logistics of project submission has been worked out with the help of Kevin Heard (our computing services director).  You can learn about the details of submitting your work at the project page under "project submission details"

Oct 2

Rosa will lead a review session for exam 1 on Wed, 10/9, during the regular class time (11-12:30pm).  She will go over the exam from last year, and answer any other questions that you have.  Therefore, the exam solutions will not be posted here online beforehand, as originally promised.

We will move on to the next topic (Internet Protocol) for next Monday (10/7).  Please read ahead to chapter 17.  If you haven't done so already, you should also read Chapter 25 (Internet Routing) which we covered in class today.

Sep 30

I am posting last year's exam 1 for your reference.  I will post the solutions in a few days.

Sep 25

Policy regarding project deliverables: as stated in the project description, you need to have your project report and presentation slides submitted 24 hours before your scheduled presentation time, so that your classmates can review the material beforehand.  However, you have the option of submitting a revised version of your report and slides (if you so desire) by November 8.

I've posted new versions of today's lecture slides.  Please let me know if you are still experiencing printing problems.

I did a demo of MapNet in today's lecture.  You can find pointers to this and other nifty tools (e.g., applets showing the operation of CRC) at the course resources page ( )

Sep 23

The tentative project presentation schedule has been posted.  If you have any scheduling conflicts (e.g., if you need to be out of town for a conference, etc., please let me know ASAP).

Sep 11

A clarification on homeworks: you are welcome to form study groups and discuss homework assignments, but you have to submit your homework assignments individually.

For those of you who are not familiar with hexadecimal numbers and how to convert them to decimal or binary, or vice versa, here is a handy conversion table ( ) that you can refer to.  By the way, you can find this and many other useful resources at the course resource page (

Finally, I've regenerated the pdf files for the lecture notes (for transmission media and channel capacity) and hopefully address the printing problems that some of you have been experiencing.  Please let me know if you are still encountering printing problems.

Sep 9

The following message is from Susan Reneau, Student Affairs Officer of the MOT (Management of Technology) program. Please contact her if you have any questions:
Haas office (new): F477, 643-1398
Engineering office: 230 Bechtel, 642-8790

1) Students taking a class towards the MOT certificate, must take it for a grade, not pass/fail.
2) They must receive a B or above.
3) All students going for the MOT certificate should refer to the MOT website ( It has detailed information about the certificate and the classes.

Also, since this course is cross-listed in three schools (SIMS, Haas, Engineering), students should make sure that they are not registered using another college's CCN, even though Telebears will allow it. This can cause double registration and much hassle.

Sep 4

Homework 1 is assigned today, and due in one week.  Check the assignments page for submission details and policy.

Prof. Chuang's office hours will be Wednesdays 2-3pm.  You can also send him email to set up individual appointments at other times. Please note that his office is moved from South Hall 313 to 312 (one door down).

Please subscribe to the is250 mailing list if you haven't done so already.  If you are a SIMS student, you can do so via my.sims.  If you are a non-SIMS student, send email to and include "subscribe is250" as the first line of your message. (You can leave the subject line blank.)

Aug 26 2002

Welcome to IS250. Please check this page regularly for course announcements.