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Relevant Books

None of the books listed below are appropriate as a textbook for the course, but I've listed them here in case you want to know more. I have copies of most of these; feel free to borrow them from me.

Infoviz Overviews

Perceptual and Psychological Principles

I recommend Ware if you are interested in perceptual principles:
  • Colin Ware, Information Visualization: Perception for Design, Morgan Kaufmann 2000.
  • Stephen E. Palmer, Vision Science: Photons to Phenomenology , MIT Press, 1999.
  • Stephen M. Kosslyn, Image and Mind , Harvard University Press, 1986.

Graphic Design in Infoviz

Information Visualization Research


Infoviz Collections

Interesting Visualizations

(People who pointed these out to me appear in parentheses.)

Other Readings

Research papers by Michael Bernard on psychological factors in Web design

The Great Powerpoint Controversy:

Interesting uses of Flash: