SIMS 247
Information Visualization and Presentation
Instructor: Marti Hearst

3 Units. CCN 42726
Offered Spring 2002 
Friday 2-5pm
202 South Hall



Lectures & Assignments

Class Projects



Online InfoViz Resources

Course Overview 

Computer visualization is used widely in scientific and engineerin g disciplines to help people understand the systems they study, but has only recently begun to be applied to more general information types.

This course will focus on the design and use of computer visualization techniques for the analysis, comprehension, and explanation of large collections of abstract information, including text corpora, networked information systems, and heterogeneous tabular data. 

Readings and lectures will cover basic visualization principles and tools, and relevant work in the exciting new field of computerized information visualization. Students will gain hands-on experience with commercial and experimental tools. 

Much of the relevant work is new and still being researched. For this reason, many of the lectures will be given by guest speakers with expertise in specialized subareas. 

The coursework will include readings, homework assignments and two projects. The first, mid-semester project will ask students to design a visualization to help solve a problem. For the final project, students will have a choice of either of creating or enhancing a visualization system or technique, or conducting a user study to evaluate a system or technique. 

This course is open to students from across campus, although it is expected to consist primary of SIMS and computer science students. Students must be willing to read papers that contain some advanced math and must be willing to augment existing programs (using either a scripting language or a standard programming language). 

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