gnuTellaVision: Real Time Visualization
of a Peer to Peer Network

Rachna Dhamija, Danyel Fisher, Ka-Ping Yee



MOVIE: gtv.avi (1:14, 14.1 MB) This short film shows a capture of our visualization running on the Gnutella network in realtime. The text at the bottom provides information about the currently selected gnutella servant. Along the left side, you can see search queries that our system has seen on the nework. Periodically, the user shift-clicks on a node to recenter the network. The node turns purple and moves toward the center, shifting the whole network to compensate. When the user left-clicks on a node, he is issuing a query into the rest of the network. The selected node turns red and other nodes that see that query also flash red. (captured on December 13, 2000)