Course Instructor :

Marc Davis

Faculty Website | Garage Cinema Research
Assistant Professor, SIMS
Office: 314 South Hall
Office Hours: Thursdays 2:00 - 4:00pm, and by appointment

Teaching Assistants :

Maggie Law

Office Hours: By appointment

Anna Teplitskaya

Office Hours: By appointment

Vivien Petras

Office Hours: By appointment

Leticia Valdez

Office Hours: By appointment

Email the entire instruction team:

SIMS Digital Media Studio Support :

Jeremy Kashnow

Course Texts & Helpful Resources :
film art

Film Art: An Introduction

by David Bordwell, Kristin Thompson
McGraw Hill, New York
ISBN 007238932X
The McGraw-Hill Film Art web site:


Course Reader

Now available at Copy Central, 2560 Bancroft Way (@ Telegraph)
NOTE: The original run has copying errors (upside-down pages). Corrected readers now available for anyone
who purchased theirs before Thursday 1/23/2003. Exchange for a corrected version at no charge.


Sony DCR-TRV50 camcorder operation manual

Available from Sony's support website:


IMDb Film Glossary

Internet Movie Database's online film glossary. Find definitions of terms and phrases frequently used in the world of movies, film, acting, and cinemagoing:

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