School of Information Management & Systems   Spring 2002.
245 Organization of Information in Collections.   Michael Buckland.

Assignment 10: Encoding Syntax: MARC 041.   In class, April 21.

The purpose of the this assignment is to try your hand at some syntactical coding and to ensure a minimal familiarity with the MARC format and to demonstrate SGML/XML coding.

Refresh your MARC expertise by looking over MARC Remarks, noting the LC MARC website, and reviewing the Understanding MARC Bibliographic tutorial.

Somewhere in the tutorial or other documentation you will find that there is not one but TWO fields for indicating language. If you don't see it try 041 - LANGUAGE CODE (NR)

1. What are the two fields and how do they differ?

2. Demonstrate your MARC expertise by specifying the correct MARC language coding for both the 008 field positions 35-37 and for the 041 field for a document with the following language characteristics:

The text is primarily in Iroquoian, but the document also includes a translation into English, with a summary in French, a libretto in Italian, and other significant material in Chinese, German, and Spanish.

Note: The official list of language codes is at and can also be found in MELVYL with EXPLAIN LANGUAGE.

3. Show the same information encoded in an SGML/XML style mark-up system.