School of Information Management & Systems.   Spring 2003.
245 Organization of Information in Collections.   Michael Buckland.

Assignment 1: "Me and 245"

Due Jan 29 or within one week of deciding to take this class.
Please write a brief account of yourself in relation to this class:

- Your e-mail address;
- Your current Major and degree goal;
- Prior degree(s);
- Your intended career after you graduate;
- Aspects of this class that interest you?
- Related courses already taken, esp. prior to your master's degree in SIMS?
- Anything else in your past, present, or intended future that seem particularly relevant to this course?
Please do not include anything that you prefer to keep private.

You and 202
- Looking back at 202, what topics:
- - Are you not yet comfortable with?
- - Would you like a deeper understanding of?
- - You would like more practice doing?
- - Weren't covered, and you would like to understand them.

About half a page or so, supplied either on paper or by e-mail to: