School of Information Management & Systems.   Spring 2002.
245 Organization of Information in Collections.   Michael Buckland.

Assignment 14:
. Due May 1.

Karen Schneider will be coming to class to talk about the Librarians Index to the Internet - Do the following prior to her visit.

1. Go to, the Librarians Index to the Internet.

2. Click on About the LII and browse.

3. Return the the lii home-page and try search on "metadata".

4. Suppose you wanted to know more about making indexes. A search for "Indexing" yields >450 hits, but none of them seem to be about making an index. Can you explain?

5. Search for something of personal interest.

6. Return to the lii home-page and contemplate the hierarchical directory. Where in this system would you place the website for this class?