School of Information Management & Systems. Spring 2000.
245 Organization of Information in Collections.   Michael Buckland

Readings   Read by class time on date specified. Schedule.

Arlene Taylor. The Organization of Information. Libraries Unlimited, 1999. Paperback $36 approx. MAIN Graduate Services Reserve Z666.5.T39 1999
Chaps 1-3 & 7 by 2/28.
REQUIRED READINGS: Copy of each in Big Black Binder.

Jan 31: Buckland & Plaunt: On the construction of selection systems. Library Hi Tech 12, no. 4 (1994): 15-28.
Feb 2: Buckland What is a document? JASIS 48 (1997) 804-809.
Feb 21: David Batty. WWW --- Wealth, Weariness or Waste: Controlled vocabulary and thesauri in support of online information access. D-Lib Magazine November 1998.
Feb 23: Buckland, Michael. The Purposes of Collections.
Mar 1: Morville, Peter. Building a synonymous search index
Mar 1: Morville, Peter How Do You Build a Thesaurus?
RECOMMENDED READINGS: Copy of each in Big Black Binder.
Feb 2: Buckland Information as Thing JASIS 42 (1991): 351-360.
Mar 13: Buckland. Searches in a Collection.
Mar 20: Buckland. Filing, Filtering, and the First Few Found.


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