School of Information Management & Systems   Spring 2000.   Michael Buckland.
245 Organization of Information in Collections

Assignment 4: Dublin Core
  Due at class Wed Feb 16.

In Assignment 2, you described four books for your own personal purposes and using your own rules of description. Now repeat Assignment 2 using the same or other books from the same seven, but with two changes:

1. You are creating the descriptions for other people to use; and

2. Your descriptions must comply with the Dublin Core system of elements of description.

Describe what population of other people you are preparing the descriptions for and, briefly, what assumptions are you making about them. Working primarily from the books themselves, create new descriptions of four book that are at least minimally compliant with the Dublin Core, but not necessarily following all the recommendations. Add notes explaining anything that might not be obvious.

Some resources:   Taylor textbook pages 87-89, 90-91.   The Dublin Core website.   The Dublin Core Metadata Element Set, Version 1.1: Reference Description.   A condensed summary.