Scenario Description

Assignment 1 — XML Foundations Fall 2011

Assigned: Tuesday, September 6th, 2011
Due: Monday, September 12th, 2011


This assignment is about determining the goals for your project during this semester. The outline is to use Flickr and diary/blog-style text that combines with the Flickr images to implement a photo diary.


While your theme and details are up to you, here are some hard requirements for your scenario. All of those must be met by the proposal you are submitting.

  • The scenario must include geotagging (some images must be geotagged and something must be done with this information).
  • The scenario must use dated information (the diary/blog parts must be dated and they must be used for date-ordered publication).
  • The scenario must include tagging (whether tags are controlled or free to use is up to you).
  • The scenario must include some form of cross-referencing (such as referring to other entries, or to outside resources).
  • While you are free to reuse some HTML structures/elements, your XML must also use a number of custom elements.
  • You must support free text (most likely, paragraphs) as well as something a bit more structured.

Please send a brief outline of what you are planning to do, and what the properties of your data model are, to Please only send plain text emails, attachments and HTML emails will not be accepted.

Creative Commons License Please send comments to
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