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CCN: 42712
3 unit(s)
Principles of Information Retrieval

Instructor(s) Larson
E-mail: ray@sims.berkeley.edu
Office: 207B South Hall
Hours: Mo, Wed 1-2; Tu-Th 2-3

Time/Location MWF 2:00-3:00
202 South Hall

Prerequisites INFOSYS 202 or consent of instructor.

Course Description Three hours of lecture per week. Prerequisites: 202 or consent of instructor. Theories and methods for searching and retrieval of text and bibliographic information. Analysis of relevance, utility. Statistical and linguistic methods for automatic indexing and classification. Boolean and probabilistic approaches to indexing, query formulation, and output ranking. Filtering methods. Measures of retrieval effectiveness and retrieval experimentation methodology.

Expanded Course Description This course is intended to prepare you to understand the underlying theories and algorithms of advanced information retrieval systems and to introduce the methodology for the design and evaluation of information retrieval systems. The course will introduce you to the major types of information retrieval systems, the different theoretical foundations underlying these systems, and the methods and measures that can be used to evaluate them. The course will focus on the both the theoretical aspects of information retrieval design and evaluation and will also consider the practical aspects of how these theories have been implemented in actual systems. These topics will be examined through readings, discussion, hands-on experience using various information retrieval systems, and through participation in evaluation of different retrieval algorithms on various test collections. The prerequisite for the course is SIMS 202, though this may be waived with consent of instructor. A good familiarity with computers and programming are highly desirable.

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