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Course Outline

CCN: 42715 
3 unit(s) 
Economics of Information 

Instructor(s) Yale Braunstein
E-mail: yale@sims.berkeley.edu
Office: 203B South Hall

Time/Location F 1:00 - 3:00
202 South Hall 

Weekly Schedule
Topic / Major Readings
Section (*)
Aug. 30 Introduction to information in the economy; macroeconomics; input-output analysis; Machlup; Porat A.1 & A.2
Sept. 6 Input-output analysis (continued); Rubin A.2 & A.2.a
Sept. 13 Secondary information sector; information as an input (Hayes & Erickson, Braunstein); unbalanced growth (Baumol) A.3 & B
Sept. 20 Economies of scale & scope (Bailey & Friedlaender); pricing A.3 & F
Sept. 27 John Chuang on Internet economics (MacKie-Mason & Varian) D & F
Oct. 4 Pricing; externalities; Coase's Theorem G.1
Oct. 11 Intellectual property rights
Types of intellectual property
Economics of database protection (PPT file)
History of Copyright in the US (from ARL & CNI)
G.2 & G.3
Oct. 18 Telecom;  proposals due
Introduction to telecomm regulation (PPT file)
H & I
Oct. 25 Broadband industry structure (PPT file) .
Nov. 1 Presentations start (link to presentation schedule)
Technical compatibility standards (PPT file)
NOTE: (*) These sections are numbered to match the web version of the course outline.

General Information

"Review" classes Assignments, etc.
For September 6:  Input-output problem (in Excel)
  • Solutions spreadsheet