EECS201, BA290D, IS224, E298A

Project reports

Spring 1997

Network effects on the adoption of new technologies

Network pricing, costs, and settlements

Human factors impact on user acceptance

Real-time collaborative technologies: incentives and impediments

Impact of government regulation on new products in the telecommunications industry

The digital age: building industry alliances

Collaboration between firms in information technology

Standards: are they necessary or do they discourage innovation?

Spring 1998

Sony Playstation Success Story

The Rise and Fall of Netscape Browsers

CISCO Strategy for Voice over IP

Inktomi's Traffic Server

The Right Time for OnTime

Metricom Richochet

Xilinx and patents

High speed internet access

Digital cellular and standards

MP3 and the music industry

Hand-held computer wars

Broadband access technologies

Convergence of voice and data networks

Open systems

Pricing of digital content

Electronic commerce

Software patents

Co-opetition as a business strategy

Spring 1999

Broadcasting via IP multicasting

Internet Micropayments

Retailing on the Internet

Standards creation in wireless

Standards for removable storage

PSTN and IP telephony

MPEG standardization

Complementarities in E-commerce

Personal digital assistants

The W3C consortium

Spring 2000

These projects were posted in WebCT and thus are not available on the Web.