Projects (80%)

There will be two group projects, each representing 40% of your grade, where you will collaborate with an interdisciplinary group of approximately five students.  See the “projects” section for a description on the projects.


Each project will be assigned a group grade (the same for all members of the group) and an individual participation grade (based on your individual contribution to the project outcome). To determine the individual contribution grades, each group member will be allocated 100 points to allocate among the other members of the group in accordance with their individual contribution to the project outcome. Each individual grade is determined by the aggregate points you receive from other group members. For each project, the group grade will be weighted 70% and the individual grade 30%.

In-class participation (20%)

For each class, approximately three students will be asked to prepare in advance by considering the class topic and discussion topics and contributing to the class discussion more strongly. These students will also be expected to lead a discussion forum followup after class. This participation grade will be determined by a student’s performance in these tasks.