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CCN: 42715
3 unit(s)
Information Policy

Instructor(s) Yale Braunstein
E-mail: yale@sims.berkeley.edu
Office: 203B South Hall


Time/Location MW 11:00 - 12:30
107 South Hall

Prerequisites NONE

Course Description Preliminary course outline and reference list is now available.

This course will introduce students to policy issues and analytical methods in the areas of information systems, communications, computing, and media. Economic, political, social, and legal perspectives will be introduced. The specific topics will vary fr om year to year and will reflect the current interests of the students and the instructor, but the following list should suggest the range of areas likely to be covered.


  1. Background on Information Policy--Domestic
  2. Background on Information Policy--International
  3. Infrastructure Issues and Technological Change: The Case of NREN, the Internet, NGI, etc.
  4. Ownership of Information: Property Rights
  5. Intellectual Freedom
  6. Access to Information
  7. Public vs. Private Provision of Information
  8. User Fees for Government-Provided Information
  9. Information Markets
  10. Privacy
  11. Mass Media & Common Carriers
  12. National Security
  13. Standards, Elements of Industrial Policy
  14. Trans-border data flows
  15. Consumer information
  16. Medical and health information

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