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CCN: 42709
3 unit(s)


Management of Information Systems and Services





E-mail: yale@sims.berkeley.edu
Office: 203B South Hall
Hours: TBA

Van House
E-mail: vanhouse@sims.berkeley.edu
Office: 307A South Hall
Hours: TBA








TTh 2-3:30
202 South Hall








Course Description


This course provides both a general introduction to managment and a focus on issues in complex information organizations. The course is useful to those who will work in organizations and will be involved in the design or delivery of information service s and systems, especially those in management positions. The course is designed for students who do not have a degree in management.

The focus is on both the internal and external issues and practices of management. Internal issues include organizational behavior, organizational theory, personnel, budgeting, and planning. External issues include organizational environments, politics , marketing, and strategic planning.

Assignments will be on both an individual and group basis.

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