IS214 Final Project - version of 1/21/03

Your project is to perform a preliminary needs and usability assessment on a software product, information system, or web site. You may choose an existing system or service, or one under development. The more real it is, the better the project. If you can work with a client organization or group, that's great. But you can also pick a site or product with which you have no direct connection.

Generally, projects are one of two kinds:

You must use a minimum of three substantive methods that we address in the course.

Class assignments may be applied to your project. E.g., you will have an assignment to do heuristic evaluation. You may or may not choose to do heuristic evaluation as part of your project.

This can be an individual or a group project; group projects are recommended.

Intermediate deliverables and milestones TBA. Final due date will be approx. May 13. You will do a class presentation on your project during the last two weeks of class.