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Week 1:

Jan 17: Introduction and Overview
   Assignment: Think about project and project team
Jan 19: Principles of HCI; Working in teams
   Assignment: Project Proposal assigned
   Reading: Pew (Introduction to HCI)

Week 2:

Jan 24: Sullivan Case Study; Class Project Brainstorming
   Reading: Nielsen Ch. 1 - 4, Sullivan
Jan 26: Finish Project Selection, Begin User-Centered Design    Reading: Nielsen, Ch. 7, Gomoll

Week 3:

Jan 31: Personas (Guest Lecture by Allison Bloodworth)
   Reading: Cooper Ch 9-10, Holtzblatt
   Assignment: Project Proposal due
   Assignment: Personas, Task Analysis assigned
Feb 2: Continue User-Centered Design; Task Analysis
   Reading: Cooper Ch 11, Newman & Landay

Week 4:

Feb 7: Survey/Interview question writing
   Reading: Norman, Ch 1 & 2.
   Optional Reading:
      Links on how to write surveys
      Qualities of a good survey question
      Developing a questionnaire
      How to conduct an interview

Feb 9: Affordances, Mappings
   Reading: Norman, Ch 3 & 4. Optional additional Norman reading

Week 5:

Feb 14: Mental Models, Metaphor, Locus of Attention, Errors
   Reading: Norman Ch. 5, Cooper (About Face, Ch 28), Raskin Ch 2., Bloopers Ch 5 (pp. 288-304)
   Assignment: Personas, Task Analysis due
   Assignment: Scenarios, Comparative Analysis, and Initial Design assigned
Feb 16: Guest Lecture: Rashmi Sinha on Card Sorting and MindCanvas
   Reading: Nielsen Ch. 5, Bloopers Ch 1 & 2

Week 6:

Feb 21: Modes; Guidelines; Heuristic Evaluation
   Assignment: Scenarios and Initial Design due
   Assignment: Low-fi Prototype and Test assigned
Feb 23: Low-fi prototyping and testing
   Reading: Rettig, Beaudouin-Lafon, Jesse James Garrett Interaction charts
   Assignment: Individual Assignment assigned

Week 7:

Feb 28: In-class project work
   Reading: Bloopers Ch 5 (pp. 248-288)
Mar 2: Guest Lecture: Maggie Law on Prototyping
  Excel file with examples
  Article by Bill Buxton on Prototyping from Proc. of the 2nd Int. Conf. on Usage-Centered Design, Portsmouth, 2003.
   Reading: Bloopers Ch. 3

Week 8:

Mar 7: Wireframing; Layout and Graphic Design
Mar 9: Formal Usability Testing
   Assignment: Low-fi Prototype and Test due
   Assignment: First Interactive Prototype assigned
   Reading: Robson, Kurtenbach et al. '93 and '94.

Week 9:

Mar 14: Guest Lecture: James Reffell and Myra Liu from Ebay
   Reading: Nielsen Ch. 6, Practice Midterm
   Optional Reading: Designing the e-commerce User Experience for China Limin Fu, Jianming Dong, Kelly Braun, proceedings of HCII 2005. doc
Mar 16: Finish Formal Usability Testing
   Reading: Jeffries et al., Robson

Week 10:

Mar 21: Midterm Review
   Reading: Bloopers Ch. 6, 7
   Assignment: Individual Assignment due

Mar 23: Midterm

--Spring Recess (Mar 27-31)--

Week 11:

Apr 4: Class Presentations
   Reading: Bloopers Ch. 6
Apr 6: Class Presentations
   Reading: Bloopers Ch. 7
  Assignment: First Interactive Prototype due
  Assignment: Project Heuristic Evaluation assigned

Week 12:

Apr 11: In-class reports of Project Heuristic Evaluations
   Reading: Bloopers Ch. 4
   Assignment: Project Heuristic Evaluation due
   Assignment: Second Interactive Prototype assigned

Apr 13: In-class project problem solving

Week 13:

Apr 18: KLM, GOMS, and Fitt's Law
   Reading: Hochstein
Apr 20: CSCW (Lecture by Andrew Fiore)
   Reading: TBD
  Assignment: Second Interactive Prototype due
  Assignment: Pilot Usability Study assigned

Week 14:

Apr 25: Guest lecturer: Jon Snydal (Marti at CHI)

Apr 27: In-class work (Marti at CHI)

Week 15:

May 2: Class Project Presentations
   Assignment: Pilot Usability Study due
   Assignment: Third Interactive Prototype (Final Writeup) assigned

May 4: Class Project Presentations

Week 16:

May 9: CHI Highlights

May 11: (9am) Assignment: Third Interactive Prototype / Final Project Writeup Due due