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SIMS 213 - User Interface Design and Development

Lectures, Assignments and Tentative Schedule

(Schedule subject to change.)

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Week 1:

Jan 22: Introduction and Overview
   Assignment: Think about project and project team
Jan 24: Class Projects; Interface Metaphors
   Assignment: Project Proposal assigned

Week 2:

Jan 29: User Centered Design; Task Analysis
   Reading: Bloopers, Ch. 1, Nielson Ch. 3 & 4, Gomoll
Jan 31: Personas
   Reading: Cooper (Inmates, Chs. 9-11), Constatine & Lockwood Ch. 5

Week 3:

Feb 5: Guest Lecture: Ame Elliott on User Centered Design
   Reading: Norman, Nielsen Ch. 1, Raskin Ch. 2
   Assignment: Project Proposals due
   Assignment: Personas, Task Analysis assigned
Feb 7: Affordances and Cognitive Considerations
   Reading: Bloopers Ch. 6, Cooper (About Face, Ch. 28)

Week 4:

Feb 12: Cognition + Metaphor, Practice Persona Development
   Reading: Spool talk, Sullivan, Newman & Landay, Constatine & Lockwood Ch. 15
Feb 14: Design Guidelines
   Reading: Nielsen, Ch. 5
   Assignment: Scenarios and Initial Design assigned

Week 5:

Feb 19: Heuristic Evaluation
   Reading: Rettig, Cooper (Perils), UIE, Klee
   Assignment: Personas, Task Analysis due
Feb 21: Low-fi Prototyping and Storyboards
   Reading: JJG Interaction charts, Bloopers Ch. 2

Week 6:

Feb 26: Affinity Diagramming; Storyboarding Practice
   Assignment: Scenarios and Initial Design due
   Assignment: Individual Assignment assigned
   Assignment: Low-fi Prototype and Test assigned
   Readings: Affinity Diagrams   Nielsen and Sano on card sorting
    Sample Affinity Diagram Construction
Feb 28: Graphical/Layout Design
   Reading: Bloopers Ch. 3 & 4,

Week 7:

Mar 5: Modes; Wireframing
   Reading: Raskin Ch. 3, Bloopers Ch. 5 (pages 288-304)
Mar 7: In-class project work
   Reading: Practice Midterm

Week 8:

Mar 12: Midterm
Mar 14: Interface Design for Search
   Reading: Hearst
   Assignment: First Interactive Prototype assigned

Week 9:

Mar 19: GOMS analysis; automating usability assessment
Guest Lecture by Melody Ivory
   Reading: Raskin Ch. 4, Ivory & Hearst
   Assignment: Low-fi Prototype and Test due (updated due date)
Mar 21: Formal Usability Testing
   Reading: Nielsen Ch. 6, Jeffries et al

--Spring Recess--

Week 10:

Apr 2: Class Presentations
Apr 4: Class Presentations
   Reading: Bloopers Ch. 8
   Assignment: First Interactive Prototype due (updated due date)
   Assignment: Project Heuristic Evaluation assigned

Week 11:

Apr 9: Persuasive Interfaces
   Reading: Shneiderman & Maes, Tseng & Fogg, Nass et al. Fogg & Nass, Khaslavsky & Shedroff, Berdichevsky & Neunschwander
Apr 11: Personalization in Interface Design
   Guest Lecture by Kirsten Swearingen
   Reading: Swearingen & Sinha, Manber et al., Hirsh et al., Smyth & Cotter
   Assignment: Project Heuristic Evaluation due
  Assignment: Second Interactive Prototype assigned

Week 12:

Apr 16: Alternative interfaces (ubiquitous, context-aware, tangible, etc)
   Reading: Weiser, Bergman & Haitani
  Assignment: Make-up Assignment
Apr 18: Analyzing Web Logs
   Guest Lecture by Sarah Waterson
  Assignment: Second Interactive Prototype due
  Assignment: Pilot Usability Study assigned

Week 13:

Apr 23: Multimodal Interfaces
   Guest Lecture by Anoop Sinha
   Reading: Oviatt et al., Sinha et al.
Apr 25: In-class project work

Week 14:

Apr 30: CHI de-brief
May 2: UIs and Privacy
   Guest Lecture by Rachna Dhamija
   Assignment: Pilot Usability Study due
   Assignment: Third Interactive Prototype (Final Writeup) assigned

Week 15:

May 7: Class Project Presentations
  • eBerkeley Webcast
  • Learning Management System
  • Project Matching

May 9: Class Project Presentations
  • Guardianship Project
  • Medical Dictation System
  • BriefBank

Finals Week:

May 13: Third Interactive Prototype due; Project Writeup due