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SIMS 213 - User Interface Design and Development

Instructor: Marti Hearst

TTh 12:30-2pm, 202 South Hall

CCN: 42712, 3 units

Spring 2001


Current Announcements:

  • I've set up a thread for discussing project ideas. Feel free to post whatever thoughts you have. -Kevin
  • The required books are Usability Engineering by Jakob Nielsen and GUI Bloopers by Jeff Johnson. Please order these books online (or find in a bookstore, if available). If you like, you can order them from the SIMIANS book order site, in which case the student organization gets 5-15% of the price of your purchase.
  • There is also a required course reader. It is supposed to be ready on Monday January 22nd at Copy Central at 2560 Bancroft (510-848-9600).

Looking Ahead: