IS-209: Professional Skills Workshop, Spring 2007 - iSchool at UC Berkeley





Lecture Topics

Group Work

Jan 17th

Intro, Objectives & Structure, Schedule

Requirements of the class (participation and presentation)

What is a Professional?


Selling yourself

Presentations Basics


Prepare 3 minutes on yourself: education, experience, skills.


Who are you?

Jan 24th


Present Project Proposals


Jan 31st

Consulting Skills: Peter Block, "F/C/R"

Assessment and process, client relationships


Evaluate the Case study.

Findings vs. Conclusions vs. Recommendations

Feb 7th

Interviewing and Hiring

Creating a job, interview process

Questions, Legal issues

Team interviewing


Interviewing: one-on-one interviews, with 4 job descriptions available. Practice telling your story, get feedback.

Feb 14th

Software Development Life Cycle

(or Software Development Process)

Roles and Responsibilities of the Team

Feb 21st

Language of Project Management: tasks, milestones, resources, dependencies, critical path, contingencies


Real-world issues in Project Management

Green's Spinach Lasagna

Feb 28th

Effective Meetings & Communication

Lecioni, et. al.

Consulting Team work session

Mar 7th

Effective Presentations: Tufte & Zelazny

Death by PowerPoint

Consulting Team work session: Visualizations

Mar 14th

People Management: feedback & evaluation, goal setting, SMART goals,

line manager primer

Consulting Team work session


Mar 21st

Software Testing

Consulting Team work session: Bug Scrub

Mar 28th

Language of Money: budgeting, OpEx/CapEx, FTE, loaded costs, NPV, EBITDA, "what does stuff cost?", outsourced services, hosted solutions

Consulting Team work session: budgeting

Apr 4th

Enterprise Architecture: Technical Deep Dive eCommerce systems, networks and security, large database issues, Financial systems


Apr 11th

Legal Issues w/ Pamela Federman

Document Review (contracts, agreements)

Apr 18th

Obstacles: getting stuck and unstuck: relationships, project mgmt, people & politics, technology, clarity

Apr 25th

Practice Final Project Presentations

May 2nd

Practice Final Project Presentations