TO:  Paul Murky & Major Error, Directors
        Murky Research

FROM: ____________  [Your name goes here!]

DATE:  February 23, 2004

RE:  Analysis of Web log file data


This memo summarizes the results of my analyses of the Web log files.  The major findings are:

  1. The average length of time is …(Remember the "hint" in the assignment.)
  2. The percentage of users from each of the domains is …
  3. The percentage of users clicking through to the advertising is …
  4. The busiest hour is …
  5. The usage varies by time of day and has the following general pattern …
  6. The users that were most likely to accept cookies were….  Those least likely to ….
  7. The users that were most likely to click through to an ad were ….  Those least likely to ….
  8. I concluded that the banner add [was/was not] more attractive than the other adds because ….  (Say something about how often users clicked through to banner ads versus each of the other ads.)
In addition, I am providing the following answers to the other questions you asked:

[Optional] Although you did not request any other information, the data we collected permitted additional analyses that may provide useful results.  In particular, I found ....

The key  tables of the summary statistics, frequency tables, and cross-tabulations that support this memo are attached as an appendix..

File updated:  9 Feb 2004