Dec 4

Posted: Assignment 7 solutions and solutions for Exam 1 and Exam 2 from last year.

Nov 22

You are encouraged to go over Exam 1 and Exam 2 from last year's IS206 course as you prepare for the upcoming exam. Some of the exam questions may not be applicable since the coverage of the subject matter has changed. I will post the solutions next week.

As we agreed to in class today, Assignment 7 will be due on December 1 at noon.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oct 25

Information on Exam 1 statistics and extra credit is posted here. Extra credit submission is due Nov 1st at 12:40pm (beginning of class).

An updated version of the lecture slides on trees is posted here: replace "average case" with "best case" on slide 21, and added graph on slide 30.

Oct 19

Exam 1 solutions is posted here.

October 9

Reminder: Exam 1 will be held in class on Oct 18. It will cover material up to, and including, the lecture on stacks and queues (07_struct1.ppt) to be completed on Oct 11. We will have a mid-semester review on Oct 13. Please plan to bring all your questions to class. The best way to prepare for the exam is to review your completed assignments and the posted solutions, the lecture slides, and the assigned readings, and make sure that you understand all the concepts that we covered in class. Since we won't have an assignment on algorithm analysis before the exam, you may be interested in looking at last year's assignment to test your understanding of the concepts.

September 27 2005

Assignment 2 solutions have been posted on the assignments page.

September 22 2005

Assignment 1 solutions have been posted on the assignments page.

August 30 2005

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