The Gender Gap and Wikipedia

Stuart has passed long these links to those of you who raised interest in this topic last Thursday:

A good introduction/overview to the problem with lots of links:

Two of the most recent research papers on the gender gap:
(both are by all-male research teams, as has been pointed out)

The Teahouse, a great new initiative:

The Wikimedia foundation’s gender gap mailing list:

A much earlier effort to provide an off-Wikipedia space to discuss and
plan around the gender gap:

For Thursday

In preparation for our in class activity on Thursday. You should have exchanged Part II of your assignment with someone else in class. Take a look at the final paper topic of your partner and see if you can answer these questions:

1) what is the problem space?
2) what argument is this student making?
3) do the references/sources seem relevant and specific to the final paper topic?

Also, take a look at the outlines you generated last Thursday available here.