INFO 202 Fall 2008 - Assignment 6

Social / Distributed Categorization
Assigned 20 October, part 1 due 29 October, part 2 due 3 November

Primary Teaching Assistant: Shawna Hein

In the past several weeks, we have discussed many techniques for organizing information, including metadata standards, controlled vocabularies, faceted classification, contextual capture of metadata and classification. In this assignment, you will apply these techniques to analyzing and organizing your own information collection in the context of a social / distributed categorization application, either or Flickr.

The assignment instructions are slightly different for people who currently use or Flickr and people who do not currently use either site. Please decide which category you are in and follow the corresponding instructions to complete the assignment. Please upload your part 1 work before class on 29 October and bring three printed copies to class. Do the same for part 2 for 3 November