INFOSYS 182AC. American Cultures: Print, Literacy, Power: To 1900
     Mary Kay Duggan, Dept. of Music; School of Information Management and Systems,
    Spring 2004, 3 units, MWF 4-5, 174 Barrows Hall. Office Hours: Wed/Fri 11-12, 202 Morrison Hall.
Required Texts Walter Ong.  Orality and Literacy: The Technologizing of the Word.  NY: Routledge, 1982. Reader (Copy Central, 2560 Bancroft Way). Harriet Beecher Stowe.  Uncle Tom's Cabin.

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Aug. 30
Introduction to the course and the field of the history of reading, printing, technology, and cultural studies
Sept. 1
Sept. 3
Use Ong to explore the nature of oral and print societies (European colonialists, Native Americans, African Americans; Asian Americans and Chicano/Latinos in the West). Ong, Orality, especially Chap. 3-5
Sept. 6 Holiday. Labor Day

Wed. Sept. 8

Slave tales, the trickster, and Ong's psychodynamics. Joel Chandler Harris's Uncle Remus . Tar Baby without dialect. Native American trickster tales (Wile E. Coyote) Reader #1-2-3 
Indian Oratory
Sept. 10Levine, levels of meaning in Br'er Rabbit; Graff
Sept. 13 Graff, Literacy in America. Mohawk Primer. 1786. Greene, Spanish-speaking America Reader #5, Graff
Sept. 15 Spanish-speaking America; Miles, "Rediscovering Native Americans in History"
Sept. 17 Review for quiz: Ong, slave tales, literacy, discussion examplesSpanish-speaking America; Native American "oratory"
Sept. 22 Intro. to the Massachusetts Colonists and Native Americans.  (Winship: The Cambridge Press, 1638-1692; 1945) Reader #8, Simmons, "Cultural Bias in the New England Puritans."
Sept. 24 Missionary goals and printing.  John Eliot Reader #9, Eliot
Sept. 27 Film: a seventeenth-century press ("The Plantin-Moretus Museum, Antwerp"). Class handout
Sept. 29 The captivity narrative. Indians in colonial newspapers. Reader #10-11, Captivity Narrative; #12, Copeland
Oct. 1 Education in early America. Read also Jonathan Rose's update of Altick, "Rereading the English Common Reader: A Preface to a History of Audiences," Journal of the History of Ideas 53:1 (1992) 47-70. It can be found on UC's web access, search for AUTHOR: Jonathan Rose. Reader #14, Altick;
#15, Rose [web]; #13, Cremin


Oct. 4

Education after the Civil War. Colonial education, hornbook, New England Primer, 1805 edition, and another edition of 1807 , dame school, etc. discussion and pictures, title and a lesson. Poor Richard's Almanack, 1733, ( text in modern type), Farmer's Almanack, 1795. Used in class: Black teachers. Reader #17, Eiselein
Oct. 6 Class discussion. Review Reader #16, #18
Oct. 8 QUIZ  
Oct. 11 Uncle Tom's Cabin and spin-offs on the web. Also Library of Congress material on Uncle Tom's Cabin. Abolitionist newspapers, though not the National Era. Historic maps. Uncle Tom's Cabin
Oct. 13 Abolitionist press: Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin, (1855) Uncle Tom's Cabin
Oct. 15 Publishing the bestseller. Slave narratives. Reader #19, Coultrap-McQuin.
Oct. 18 Information infrastructure. The System of Cities, 1790-1840. Reader #20, Pred.
Oct. 20 Information infrastructure shaping America, the colonies Reader #21, Brown,
Oct. 22 Information infrastructure shaping America, the industrial age Reader #22-23, John, Lehmann-Haupt
Oct. 25 Class discussion. Review
Oct. 27 QUIZ
Oct. 29 Newspapers: Native American and Spanish Californian. Joaquin Murrietta Reader #24-25, Murphy, Pitt
Nov. 1 Magazines: African American Reader #27, Hutton
Nov. 3 Immigrant newspapers, Chinese; Turn in topic for the Final Project Sample website, project idea. Reader 28-29, Bunch
Nov. 5 Edward S. Curtis, photographer of Native Americans (1914 video and discussion). Videos: "In the Land of the War Canoes" (1914); Anne Makepeace, "Coming to Light: Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indians" (2000)

Mon. Nov. 8

Web research for your project. The image in print (engraving, woodcut, photograph, newspaper, magazine, sheet music, advertising, poster)
Nov. 10 Mass media and cultural image Reader #26, Fahs
Nov. 12 Class discussion. Review. Turn in final project topic and abstract. Notes on final project.
Nov. 15 QUIZ
Nov. 17 Introduction: California and Print; The Chinese in California
Nov. 19 The Chinese in America Reader #30, Takaki
Nov. 22 The American image of the Chinese and politics Reader #31, Miller
Nov. 24-26 Holiday. Thanksgiving.
Nov. 29 A missionary to the Chinese speaks for them in print: Otis Gibson. Reader #32, Gibson
Dec. 1 Spanish-speaking California Reader #33, Almaguer
Dec. 3 QUIZ
Dec. 6-8-10 Student presentations summarizing final projects
Dec. 13 Final paper due. Either turn it in in class on Friday or slide it under door, Room 202 Morrison Hall, before 5PM.