Web Architecture and Information Management

INFO 153 (CCN 49815) – Summer 2011
School of Information, UC Berkeley

Instructors: Brad Andrews
TA: Jonathan Yen

Lecture: Mon & Wed 14.00–16.30, 202 South Hall
Lab: Fri 14.00–16.30 202 South Hall

Description: This courses focuses on understanding the Web as an information system, and how to use it for information management for personal and shared information. The Web is an open and constantly evolving system which can make it hard to understand how the different parts of the landscape fit together. This course provides students with an overview of the Web as a whole, and how the individual parts it together. We briefly look at topics such as Web design and Web programming, but this course is not exclusively designed to teach HTML or JavaScript. Instead, we look at the bigger picture and how and when to use these and other technologies. The Web already is and will remain a central part in many information-related activities for a long time to come, and this course provides students with the understanding and skills to better navigate and use the landscape of Web information, Web technologies, Web tools, and common Web patterns.

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