This course focuses on understanding the Web as an information system, and how to use it for information management for personal and shared information. This course provides students with an overview of the Web as a whole, and the skills to better navigate and use the landscape of Web information.




    Lectures & Labs

    • Lecture is 2:00-3:30, lab is 3:30-4:30, each day.
    • Labs will try to reinforce the topics of the day, and will usually introduce something new, and assist with upcoming assignments.

    Recommended Software

    Browser Plugins
    Text Editor


    • 3 Homework Assignments: 10% each
    • 2 Presentations: 15% total
    • 1 Final: 15%
    • 1 Final Project w/ Presentation: 20%
    • Participation: 10%
    • Discretionary: 10%


    • Homework is due Monday before class
    • Early by more than 24 hours: +5%
    • Late up to 24 hours: -20%
    • Late more than 24 hours: no credit

    Submitting Homework

    To submit homework, upload it to the iSchool server with the name a1.html, a2.html, etc.. If a 'submitted' link shows up next to your name on the assignments page, you have turned it in correctly.


    Date Lecture Name Readings Slides Assignments


    Name HTML to Fruition Zen Master Styling Tweet That! Final Project