School of Information Management & Systems.
142  Access to American Cultural Heritages. Fall 2000.

Individual Portfolio topics in 142 in Past Classes: 1995; 1997; and 2000.

Individual Portfolio topics in 142 in Fall 2000.

Latinos and Bilingual Education.
Italian-American Cultural Heritage.
The Slovak American Banking Community.
Maintaining the Jewish Culture in the USA.
Asian Americans in the Media.
Immigrants in Silicon Valley.
Bruce Lee and his Influence on America.
Ukrainian Cultural Heritage in the US.
Mixed Race Descent.
The Chinese New Year in America.
Cultural Acceptance of Tattoos.
The Migrant Farm Workers of California.
The Culture of San Francisco's Chinatown.
Vietnam War Memories: American, Vietnamese and Vietnamese American.
Chinese Immigrant History in the US.
Hawaiian Culture: Language and Music.
The Russian Community in the US.
Interactions Between Taiwanese American and Mainland Chinese American..
The Nez Perce Tribe and their Cultural Heritage.
Transformation of Polish Culture during the Acculturation Process: Assimilation of Polish Immigrants into American Society.
Second-generation Korean American Youth.
Tet: The Vietnamese Lunar New Year.
Nigerian Igbo Communities in the USA.
Greek Americans in the U.S..
The Cold War's Influence on Polish American Identity.
Persian Americans.
A Family in Californian with Latin American and Arabic Traditions: Art, Food, and Communication.
Tribal Gaming: The Notion of Sovereignty and Economic Implications of Casinos on Indian Reservations.
Japanese American Relocation Camps.
Chinese Immigration and Persecution in the USA.
Chinese Americans in Silicon Valley.
Film and Film Realism.
The Iroquois Nation: Issues and Efforts to Sustain and Nurture their Identity and Cultural Heritage.
Hapas: Japanese Americans of Mixed Descent.
Personality Patterns of Asian Americans and Cultural Identity.

Individual Portfolio topics in 142 in Fall 1997.

Ethnic groups and welfare.
The Thai community in USA.
South-east Asian culture and S.F. Bay fishing.
Jewish education in the USA.
South Asian diaspora.
Advertising targeting ethnic groups.
Asians and Asian food in the USA.
Indian Hinduism.
Amerikanuak: Basques in the American West.
Igbo immigrants in USA: Biculturalism.
Musical missionaries: Religious pop music.
Ethnicity and the image of Oakland.
Interracial dating.
Minorities and the Internet.
The Day of the Dead.
The music of Chinese Americans.
International Houses at universities.
Christianity and the Asian American community.
Chinese Americans in California.
Native American casinos.
Assimilation among Jewish Americans.
Disney, culture and ethnic groups.
Military culture.
Christianity and African American cultural heritage.
Internet culture.
Native American economic development.
Persian Americans.

Individual Portfolio topics in 142 in Fall 1995.

West Indian Americans in New York.
The American Cultures requirement.
Casinos and the Native American.
Asian American cultural heritage on the Internet.
Asian Art Museum, S.F.
The Korean War and the USA.
Quaker heritage.
The culture of Chinatown.
Folk art vs. Fine art.
Bilingual education.
Cross cultural perceptions and assimilation in US.
Art museums and American cultural heritages.
Chinatown's informal political structure.
How the non-Indian perspective affected California Indian culture.
Homepage for American cultural heritages.
Buddhists in the US.
Children's museums.
Deaf Americans' education and culture.
Hupa cultural heritage.
US citizenship and loss of citizenship.
Chinese American culture in Chinatown.
Disruption of the Yanomami tribe and U.S. parallels.
Education, African American children and culture.