i141:   Search Engines: Technology, Society, and Business

   Speaker Schedule, Fall 2007
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i141: Search Engines: Technology, Society, and Business

Lecture Schedule

A set of top-notch experts have agreed to give lectures for Fall 2007.
The class meets Mondays from 10am-12pm in 155 Kroeber.

Aug 27Topic: Course Introduction; Overview of How the Internet Works
  Prof. Marti Hearst
Lecture notes: (ppt)   (pdf)
Sept 3 -- No class meeting --
Campus Holiday
Read Chapters 1-2 of The Search.
Read this article from the New York Times: Google Keeps Tweaking its Search Engine Saul Hansell, June 3, 2007.
Sept 10Topic: Search Quality
Dr. Jan Pedersen: Yahoo Search
Lecture notes:  (ppt)   (pdf)
Podcast: (rm)   (mp3)

Read (optional, it's technical, but maybe skim it): The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine, by Page and Brin pdf   html
Sept 17Topic: What People Think About When Searching
Dr. Daniel Russell: Google
Lecture notes: (pdf)
Podcast: (rm)   (mp3)
Read Chapters 3-4 of The Search.
Sept 24Topic: Search Technology Review
Prof. Marti Hearst
Lecture notes: (ppt)   (pdf)
Podcast: (rm)   (mp3)
Read: Rose & Levinson paper,   selections from the Google Guide.
Assignment: Assignment 1 (Due at 9am on Oct 10.)
Oct 1 Topic: The Economics of Internet Search
Prof. Hal Varian: Chief Economist, Google, and Professor, UCB
Lecture notes: (ppt)   (pdf)  
Podcast: (rm)   (mp3)
Read: Chapters 5-7 of Battelle.
Oct 8Topic: Combating Web Spam
Dr. Marc Najork: Microsoft Research
Lecture notes: (ppt)  (pdf)
Podcast: (rm)   (mp3)
(No readings assigned.)
Oct 15Topic: Privacy and Online Information
Chris Hoofnagle, J.D.: Berkeley Center for Law & Technology
Lecture notes: (pdf)
Podcast: (rm)   (mp3)
Read: Pew Internet Report, and CDT report, and Chapter 8 of Battelle.
Oct 22Topic: Lecture Review; Difficult Searches
Prof. Marti Hearst
Lecture notes: (ppt)   (pdf)
Podcast: (rm)   (mp3)
Read: NYTimes article
Assignment: Assignment 2 (Due at 9am on Nov 5.)
Oct 29Topic: Multimedia Search
Dr. Lynn Wilcox: FXPal
Lecture notes: (ppt)   (pdf)
Podcast: (rm)   (mp3)
Nov 5Topic: Intellectual Property and Search
Jason Schultz, J.D.: Intellectual Property Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
Lecture notes: (ppt)  (pdf)
Podcast: (second part of lecture only)   (rm)   (mp3)
Assignment: Assignment 3 (Due at 9am on Nov 19.)
Nov 12 -- No class meeting --
Campus holiday
Nov 19Topic: Personalization and Search
Dr. Jaime Teevan: Microsoft Research
Lecture notes: (pdf)
Podcast:   (rm)   (mp3)
Assignment:Final Project Proposal Assigned (Project proposal due at 9am on Dec 3, project due on Dec 16.)
Nov 26 Topic: How Search Engines Shape our View of Cyberspace
Dr. Geoff Nunberg: Adjunct Professor, UCB School of Information
Lecture notes: (Dr. Nunberg was ill and missed class. Here are his notes from two years ago, that accompany the video: pdf   Here are those notes he intended to present: pdf)
Webcast from two years ago: (rm)
Prof. Hearst's Lecture Notes: Computer Processing of Natural Language (ppt)   (pdf)
Podcast of Prof Hearst's lecture: (rm)   (mp3)
Dec 3 Topic: The Future of Search
John Battelle: SearchBlog and Battelle Media
Lecture notes:(ppt)  (pdf)
Podcast: (rm)   (mp3)
Read: Battelle, Chapters 10 and 11.
Dec 10Topic: Search for the Developing World; Course Summary; Course Evaluations
Prof. Marti Hearst
Lecture notes:Course Summary (ppt)  (pdf)
Notes by Amasinghe & Thies on Search for Developing world (ppt)   (pdf)
Final Projects (Online version of project due at 9am on Dec 16.)