Information Systems 106 and Engineering 111

Spring 2001

Getting Started

This page gives only the information necessary to get started--the details on the course are all available on the course homepages. To login to the course homepages, point your browser at There, you can:

The course will depend heavily on Web browsing and email. If you have no access or limited access to a computer with Internet access, please contact the instructor for alternative arrangements.

Subscribing to the course

If you are enrolled in the course or waitlisted in the course by the first class meeting, you should already have an account login ID and password for the course. These are required to subscribe to the course on your MyWebCT page for the first time.

Your login ID will usually be your first initial and last name. In a few cases, this is not unique, so try your first and middle initial and last name. For example, John T. Student might have login ID jstudent or (much less likely)  jtstudent. Sorry, your login ID cannot be changed.

Your initial password is your student ID (SID). It is wise to change this password the first time you login. If you ever forget your password, contact the instructor at, who can assign you a new one.

If you are enrolled in the course but unable to login, possibly because you enrolled after the first class meeting, please send the instructor at the following information:

He will add an account for you.


If you are not enrolled in the course, we regret it is not possible to obtain a login ID. Login ID's will also be removed for students who drop the course.

Receiving class email

Important and timely announcements will be sent to the class using the WebCT email system. You are encouraged to configure WebCT so that email sent to you is forwarded to your normal email address. To do this, go to “Email” and then choose “Manage Messages”.